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Guest Posting Guidelines

(If you want to guest post on the blog, please read these guidelines first, then click on the Become a Guest Author link below.)

  • Any content you want to publish on the blog must be approved first. (Don’t worry, I’m not scary.)
  • Your content must be useful to this audience. (Say you wrote an article about cats. Well, that would be disqualified, since my blog isn’t about cats. It’s about writing. But if you wrote a review in a book about cats, that would be okay.)
  • Your blog must not contain any content that is considered profane, adult content, or otherwise go against my personal beliefs. (I do check. Who knows, I may end up following your blog as a result!)
  • Your content must be ORIGINAL. Plagiarism and content republishing will not be tolerated.
  • All guest posts may include a 2-3 sentence author bio, and 1-2 links to the author’s blog and social media profiles.

Once I’ve received your form, I will get back to you with either my approval or I will deny your request. You will receive an email from me WITHIN TWO WEEKS. If I have not gotten back to you AFTER that time passes, then you have permission to resend the form. 

Become a Guest Author

Privacy Policy

Since I require your email address in order to guest post on the blog, I thought I would explain my privacy policy.

Things I DO NOT do

  • I DO NOT collect your email address for anything other than personal contact. I don’t sell your email address, or give it out to anyone. 
  • I DO NOT collect your name, real or otherwise, for commercial purposes. That’s just mean. And dangerous. So I don’t do it.

Things I DO

  • I DO use your email address to contact you on a personal basis, in order to keep you updated on the status of your article. That’s it. Period. Unless you clearly tell me otherwise, if you never send me another article I will not contact you again. (I know that sounds cold. I’m sorry.)
  • I DO like to have, at least, a pseudonym so that I can write an introduction to your article before it goes live on the blog. Plus, it makes me feel better when I can write, “Dear Mr. Whosit”, or whatever when I get in touch with you. Also, it doesn’t hurt to know that you’re a real person. That makes me feel better, too.