The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: Writer Edition

GiftGuideWriterEditionAlas, it is that time of year once more. The season of giving, or otherwise known as my favorite time of year. However, while I rejoice in the presence of family and butcher various Christmas carols, I’m confronted with a unique dilemma. What about gift giving? I have a few writers in my extended family, and seeking out gifts for them is tough. I know you guys must experience the same problem. Maybe you need a little help with extending your Christmas wish list. If either of these problems plague you, never fear, for I have scoured the depths of the interwebs for your convenience. See, I’ve always got your back.

Oh, and if you just want to drool over some awesome writer stuff, I understand. You may proceed as well.

Now, on to the gifts.


(Under $15)

Writer’s Coffee/Tea Mug: $6.00-$10.00

Because all writers know that we work better after a good dose of caffeine. Why not provide them with a specialized mug to make them smile more? (While simultaneously planning their characters’ demise. Because that’s also what caffeine does to us.)

Nomadic Flap Type Pencil Case: $14.00

This is my type of case! It’s tiny, girly, and functional. And it holds a lot of pencils. What more could you want out of a pencil case?

Writer’s Jewelry: $5-$15

Because even though we are hidden in our writing spaces most of the time, some of us still like to look feminine. If you have a special lady writer in your life, display your affection by letting her display her profession. Or hobby. But profession sounded better. More professional, if you understand what I’m puttin’ down. (Which is awesomeness.)

What’s left to be said about pencils that aren’t already said?  If your gift recipient has been hinting at this stocking stuffer, do them a favor, and encourage their plain lifestyle by gifting them one of these beauties.

Jinhao 599 Metal Fountain Pen: $5.50

Jinaho is a relative newcomer to the fountain pen scene, but their pens are known to provide a reliable writing experience on the cheap. So, if your gift recipient is interested in fountain pens, pick this one to stuff in their stocking this year.

Gel pens win all day every day for notetaking and long form writing. They provide an easy writing experience because of their free-flowing ink. For those who enjoy gel pens, get them this set of colorful tools. For your convenience, there are links to two sets of Pilot colors: pastel and metallic. Decide which one your friend would prefer.

Pocket Notebook: $3.00

Secretly, we’ve all wondered what it would be like to keep entire worlds in our pockets. But, that’s exactly what you can give a writer when you give them this notebook. It’s so cute! Oh, it’s so TINY! They can keep it in their pocket and call it Pocketbook Perry! Or Notebook Nellie. Whichever they prefer, I suppose.

Panasonic Earbuds: $12.53

Because how else can you listen to the soundtrack you devised for your WIP? These are the most highly rated earbuds out there. Among the inexpensive ones, anyway.

Desktop Cord Organizer: $4.99

Writers tend to have an array of electronic devices, and being a tech junkie is easy when you’re living in the 21st century. Everyone knows that it’s hard to work when you’ve got cords tangled up across your keyboard. Plus, you really shouldn’t have to play a game of maze when you have to answer your cell. So, if your writer is a tech junkie, or simply loves an organized desktop, gift them this cord organizer.


(Under $60)

Aqua Notes (Waterproof Notepad-pack of 5): $28:00

Now, this is something special. This is a notebook that lets you write in the shower. Yes, you read that right. With this pencil and notebook, you can now write in the place where ideas seem to blossom most – without getting your favorite notebook soggy. If your writer frequently complains about getting their best ideas while bathing, gift them these special notebooks.

Fancy Writer Jewelry: $15-$50

These are more expensive than their previously mentioned counterparts, but they’re worth it. The jewelry in this category is something special, as they’re more detailed. I’m sure a special girl would appreciate cementing her favorite pastime in a piece of fine jewelry.

Lapdesk: $49.00

If your writer has a laptop or prefers writing by hand, gifting them with a lapdesk will increase his productivity exponentially. Thereby making this the best present ever.  With a lapdesk, a writer can write anywhere, comfortably, and that’s a powerful tool for a writer to have. I mean, come on, it’s a flippin’ DESK for your LAP. Ain’t that a bundle of awesomeness?

2-Inch Binder: $14-$17

This is a big binder. It’s obviously too big to carry around with you, but when a writer is at his desk, it’s a handy tool. To writers, a binder resembles the spawning of an entire world. Within a binder, we can store that world’s inner workings, its secrets, the hidden desires of its people, and the beginning of their journey. All that spiel means that binders are cool. If your writer complains of a lack of space to store their papers, gift them this binder. They’ll thank you for it with a thank you note. (Like all polite writers do.)

Padfolio with Writing Pad: $15.99

Now, if you yank this out of your briefcase in public, people won’t think you’re a weirdo. This portfolio will make you look cool. Plus, it’s got a flippin’ writing pad inside it! So, if you’re waiting at the DMV (you poor soul), you’ve got something to do for the next seven hours. Plus, you’ll look important at the same time.

Scrivener: $40.00

Believe it or not, you can order a CD copy of this software, but I highly recommend buying this regardless. This will make your writer’s life easier, thereby allowing them to spend more quality time with you. So, it’s a win-win situation! This software does so much it’s hard to describe in a short paragraph, and since I have to work tomorrow, I’ll devise a series on the Scrivener software at a later date. So, you’ll just have to trust me on this one, or do your own research. (I suggest the latter because I’m probably a craaaaazed butt-stabber for all you know!)

Samsonite Briefcase: $39.99

This briefcase is the perfect thing to carry the previously mentioned padfolio. Since, you know, they’re the same color and everything. Making you look even more cool. This briefcase can carry laptops up to 17.3 inches, and can house a few folders as well. If you’re at the DMV (you poor soul), and you have this briefcase, you’ll definitely be able to continue your work while you’re there. And since it’s the DMV, you’ll be there for a long time.

Pilot Capless Ballpoint Pen: $41.50

Pilot is known for making quality pens, and although I haven’t tried their other pens, I’ve had many encounters with their fountain pens. Each one is well made, and I’ve had no qualms with them. So, if your writer is in need of a fine writing instrument, you can’t go wrong with Pilot! And you can’t go wrong with a ballpoint either.

Kutsuwa Super Mega Pencil Case: $36.00

Where else is your writer going to keep their precious pencils? Seriously, though, this case can hold a serious amount of writing tool-age. So, if your writer has a lot of pens, and they can’t ever find enough space for them, gift them this case. Then, they can carry their precious pencils with them all the time!

Kaweco Special AL Mechanical Pencil: $45.50

I haven’t tried any of Kaweco’s products, but I’ve heard only praise for their craftsmanship. This mechanical pencil is refillable, and lead for its feeding system can be easily obtained online. What else would you expect for almost fifty bucks? I’m assured that the money is worth it, as the design and functionality of this pencil are exceptional. The grips make it easy to, uh, grip while writing. The lead feeding system does its job. Gosh, Kaweco might make me enjoy writing with pencils again.

TWSBI Diamond 580AL: $60.00

This is a fountain pen I included simply because I’ve been drooling over it for the past few months. If only I had a nicer job, I could afford beautiful instruments like this. You all, however, are so smart. You can probably afford beauties such as this one. I’ve heard much praise for the TWSBI brand, even considering their relative newness to the FP scene. Although, the grapevine states that you can sometimes get a bad egg. They also take a little maintenance if you want to keep the sparkling finish all sparkly.


(Over $60)

Noise Cancelling Headphones: $299.00

These are the best noise canceling headphones available. My family gifted these to my father for his birthday, and he says that they work like a charm. Look past the obscene price tag, and appreciate the ultimate purpose of these headphones. If distractions are a barrier to your writer’s writing, then gift them these sweet headphones. They will never complain of loudness again.

Acer Aspire Laptop (Windows): $190.99

This is a simple, inexpensive laptop. If your writer was clumsy and demolished their laptop, then gift them this to tide them over until they’re able to replace it. Plus, they’ll have a backup for next time! Not that I would ever wish that on anyone, it’s just that those things happen multiple times. That’s how life works.

Monteverde Refillable Stylus Rollerball: $88.00

Monteverde is a titan of the fine writing scene. It would be unthinkable for me to not include one of its products in this ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE. This is a rollerball, which is a pretty fancy little tool. It writes like a fountain pen, but without the fuss and specific hand positions. Plus, it’s refillable! (The ink is inexpensive, though.) So, if your writer gets attached to pens, likes rollerballs, and enjoys writing by hand, this is the pinnacle of gifts.

Pilot Vanishing Point: $127.00

The “Pilot Vanishing Point” is another pen that I’ve been drooling over. When the limited edition Twilight version appeared, I about keeled over. This pen is the ultimate in modern pens, or so I’ve heard. It doesn’t have a cap. You click it like a ballpoint in order to conceal the nib. But, the pen is specially designed so that the ink within the feed won’t dry out. It’s pretty cool. And expensive for that reason. If your writer enjoys fountain pens, definitely consider gifting this pen. It’ll rock their socks clean off.

Wow, guys. It’s after midnight, but I finally got this post done! I just crammed the references into this one. Even if I regret it in the morning (and I will since I’ll be at work all day), I’m happy to get one more post up. I desperately want to be active for the blog again, but I haven’t had time to do much. 

Man, I have so many ideas to bring content to you guys! We need to be more hours in the day. 

I don’t know if I’ll have more time to write this week, but I’ll try my best. I might even write a post explaining my absence. Although, that would take quite a while.

Well, until next time, see you later!