Introducing the Writer’s Link Party!

writer'slinkpartyAre you a writer? Do you have your own blog? I suppose you share writing tips on that blog as well. Do you want to know a secret? There’s a place for you to share all that writing goodness, right here on Writing Abby. Because what better place exists, am I right?

Today, I’m announcing the upcoming (and recurring monthly) Saturday Link Party for Writers. If you have a blog, and post about writing, you want to jump on board. This Saturday, there’s going to be a party on Writing Abby.

On Saturday, I’m going to post a collection of writing articles on Writing Abby from different sources I’ve found around the ‘Net. Including yours! It’s going to be a regular link party.

When the first Party goes live, I encourage you to comment on the post with a link to your writing posts. When you do, I’ll add your link to the list of articles I’ve already found. And yes, it’ll stay there for as long as my blog and your blog exist. (Which I hope will be a long, long time for both of us.)

Sound cool?

I thought so.

Here’s the topic list until December 2015. Yep, you’ve got tons of time to write articles for each Party. I wouldn’t shortchange you guys, ya’ll know that. I’ll update this post with links to each Party as soon as it goes live, so here’s the full list:

June 2015:

On Writing Protagonists

July 2015:

On writing Antagonists

August 2015:

On Writing Minor Characters

September 2015:

On Writing First Chapters

October 2015:

On Editing Your Novel

November 2015:

On How to Write Faster

December 2015:

On Writing a Good Ending

Tell me, are you looking forward to this Saturday’s Link Party?



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