Currently: July

Currently- July 2015Well, it’s the beginning of July. The month of June flew by so quickly. But, it’s exciting to welcome in a new month. As we all know, a new month brings in new goings-on. So, let’s take a look at what’s currently going on in life, shall we?

Currently Reading:

The Power of a Praying Teen by Stormie Omartian, and Storyworld First by Jill Williamson

Currently Listening To:

Pandora. All the Time. My Show Tunes and Moriah Peters stations.

Currently Watching:

Ministry of Fear and Laura, both are movies. Awesome movies. Film Noir movies. (Saying “Film Noir” just makes me feel so much smarter. Try it. It seriously works.)

Currently Needing:

Iroshizuku Tsutsuji ink, and more notebooks. Lots of notebooks.

Currently Doing:

Babysitting little ones, and tutoring. Also, learning more about programming in various computer languages.

Currently Stressing About:

Interning. Enough said.

Currently Looking Forward To:

Finishing the main code for The Rebellion of Valencia, and writing the first draft of the story. Still. Writing is a long process, and since I’m also a lazy rascal, it’s difficult to seat rear-end in chair and fingers on keyboard.

Also, tutoring, babysitting, and job shadowing.

So, that’s what my life looks like during the beginning of July. I’m looking forward to the days and weeks ahead, and I hope you guys are feeling the same. I can’t wait to write a whole bunch this month, and ya’ll better do the same. I’m watching you. Closely.

Tell me, what are you looking forward to this month?



5 thoughts on “Currently: July

  1. One can NEVER have enough notebooks. As fun as writing is, notebooks make it even more fun. It’s great that you’re currently learning how to program in different languages. What would you say your favorite is? I can’t decide what my favorite language is, but I’ve done a lot of Arduino (kind of a mashup of Objective C and other mysterious things) and Python and a teensy bit of JavaScript and R. During the summer I want to focus on actually coding more and getting side projects done because I feel like I was just floundering during the school year. *le sigh* Bad me. 😛 Good luck with your coding this summer! And your interning!

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    • Yes, one can never, ever, ever have enough notebooks. My bank account may say otherwise, however. There are TONS of neat-o, fun notebooks out there to scarf up. You’re right, somehow, notebooks make writing more fun. I think we shall never know why.

      Ah, a kindred spirit! I’m extending a secret cyber handshake to greet you. I haven’t heard of Arduino, but it sounds neat. Can you tell me more about it? Python would be awesome, except it gets fussy. I have so many horror stories involving my code and Python, it’s not funny. But, I think Python is my favorite language so far.

      Ruby is even worse in regards to “fussiness”, though. I haven’t even braved Ruby on Rails yet, but I can only imagine the horrors that rest on its, uh, rails. (Couldn’t resist.) How do you like JavaScript?

      A summer spent coding is a summer not wasted, I say. Good luck with your side projects, and I hope you get lots of coding done, and learn a few new programming languages along the way.

      Oh, and you totally have permission to “flounder” during the school year. 🙂


      • *accepts secret cyber handshake* *secret cyber handshakes back* 🙂

        Arduino is pretty neat. It’s a language that’s meant to be used to program hardware, and specifically Arduino boards, which are little microcontroller boards. I actually have a hatred of working with hardware because it really frustrates me, but using Arduino is making me a bit more tolerant. Oh, I have some Python horror stories, too. Actually it feels like every time I sit down to program I come upon another horror story because there are always bugs and debugging is so hard for me. But overall, I do like the language since it’s the first one I started with.

        Whoops, I don’t know why I tried to use R as an abbreviation. What was I thinking? I actually meant Racket. I haven’t gone near Ruby on Rails yet, either. As for JavaScript, from the little I’ve used it, it’s not bad. I don’t use it often, but I like it.

        Thanks, and good luck to you, too! I think it’s so awesome that you’re interning.


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