Sunday Snapshot: June 28th, 2015

Recap the week on Writing Abby. Learn about some interesting articles floating around the Web, as well as the past week's posts, and interesting pins from Pinterest. Sunday Snapshot // Writing AbbyWell, we made it. The end of June. It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you’re blogging. It borders on ridiculousness. Still, we have enough time for one more Sunday Snapshot to help close off the month.

Articles of the Week

Why You Need to Evaluate Your Blog’s Progress

This is an excellent article on why you should start evaluating your blog’s progress. It’s a system I employ with the Monthly Reports. Of course, evaluations don’t have to be public. This article explains a few reasons why you should begin evaluating, and it gives a few tips on how to start doing that.

5 Steps to Fighting Off Writer’s Insecurity

Besides being an excellent article, this post has a funny story behind it. Hannah (the writer behind the blog, so to speak) and I both scheduled the same kind of article back-to-back. This post on the Inner Critic went live on Writing Abby Wednesday, and on Thursday, Hannah’s post on Writer’s Insecurity went live on her blog. Hannah informed me of this anomaly on Twitter in response to a promotion I had done for the post.

So, that’s only one reason you should check out this article. Besides this little tale, this article provides easy-to-implement advice, encouragement, and helpful tips. Check it out!

Tips for Consistent Blogging

I love writing. I love blogging. I love solving problems. But sometimes the energy just isn’t there. Tips like these help to light a fire underneath my blogging shoes, and I hope you like them as well.

Posts of the Week

Book Review: What Color is Your Parachute — For Teens

To open the book review section of the blog, I reviewed a book that I received with the Blogging for Books program. It’s a great education/career book for us youngsters, and I detailed why in the review.

Are Your Minor Characters REALLY Necessary?

This is another series, this time dealing with characters. It seems that whenever I talk about writing, I end up writing long-winded posts. Anyway, this specific article deals with minor characters and how to tell if that are extraneous — or not.


Last week, I took a break from reviewing Iroshizuku inks to review one from Diamine. If you’re interested in pink or purple inks, check out this review.

Pins of the Week

Fountain pens are gorgeous, let me say that right now. Don’t you just love the color on this one?

Sailor Reglus Orange Fountain Pen

I didn’t find any cool settings for you guys, but will this do?

Another writing prompt. I didn’t fall ya’ll completely, I promise.

shareasimage writing prompts - Google Search

Tell me, what were your favorite articles and pins of the week?