50 Writing Prompts to Spark Stories

Sometimes, it’s hard to find inspiration. Like, really hard. So, here are fifteen writing prompts, arranged into three catagories: plot, character, and setting.  50 Writing Prompts to Spark Stories // Writing AbbySometimes, it’s hard to find inspiration. Like, really hard. So, I wanted to give you guys a head start by compiling a list of different writing prompts. I’ve got fifty of them for ya’ll. There are three different categories of prompts, but there are at least fifteen prompts to a bunch.

So, have at it!

Character-Oriented Prompts

(If you like writing about specific characters, here are some character prompts that you can use.)

1. Write about a character who likes pink. A lot.
(What does she wear each day? What does her room look like? What job does she have?)
2. Write about a character attending his first funeral.
(Why is he there? Who else is at that funeral? Who is the funeral for?)
3. Write about a character who just broke his ankle.
(How did he break it? How did he react? What’s he doing now?)
4. Write about a character who just bought a new car.
(How did he buy the car? Did he buy it through nefarious means? What is he doing now?)
5. Write about a character who just got a job.
(What job did he get? How long has he waited for the job? How did he get the job?)
6. Write about a character who just lost his job.
(What job did he lose? How did he lose the job? Who fired him?)
7. Write about a character who didn’t get accepted.
(What didn’t he get accepted to? How does he feel right now? What is he doing right now?)
8. Write about a character who stole something for the first time.
(What did he steal? Why did he steal? Who did he steal from?)
9. Write about a character who had to leave home.
(Why did he have to leave home? Where was his home? Who is he?)
10. Write about a character who is missing someone.
(Who is he missing? Why is he missing that person? Where are they?)
11. Write about a character who wants something so badly that he’s willing to do anything for it.
(What does he want? Why does he want it? What is he willing to do to get it?)
12. Write about a character who missed the bus.
(How is that bus important? Where does the bus go to? Why did he miss the bus?)
13. Write about a character that lost something.
(What did he lose? Why was it important? What is he doing now?)
14. Write about a character that doesn’t like broccoli.
(Why doesn’t he like broccoli? How did he come to dislike broccoli? How does he avoid broccoli?)
15. Write about a character that’s stuck someplace.
(Where is he? How did he get there? Does he plan to escape?)
16. Write about a character who is being chased.
(Who is chasing him? Why is he being chased? Where is he being chased?)
17. Write about a character who is hiding from something.
(What is he hiding from? Where is he hiding? Why is he hiding?)

Plot-Oriented Prompts

(If you want to work on your plotting, here are some plot prompts.)

  1. Write about sinister magician who is visiting his grandmother.
  2. Write about a friendly, and talkative, ballerina who is searching for a puppy.
  3. Write about a silly shoemaker who is about to lose his business.
  4. Write about a dumb, but friendly, cat-lover who ends up at a dog show. Hilarity ensues.
  5. Write about a pair of thieves who run into trouble with a a gigantic thieving organization.
  6. Write about a husband who thinks his wife is about to leave him.
  7. Write about a woman who periodically forgets where she is.
  8. Write about a woman who is about to lose her job.
  9. Write about a curio-collector who becomes obsessed with an expensive ancient house, much to the chagrin of her penny-pinching husband.
  10. Write about a writer who lives in mortal fear that his characters will run away from him.
  11. Write about an owner of a cacao tree farm who finds one of his workers murdered among the foliage.
  12. Write about a young child with a penchant for deciphering liars known the answer to an unsolved crime.
  13. Write about a practical joker who gets his comeuppance.
  14. Write about a computer programmer who finds out that his code was tampered with.
  15. Write about a gardener finds his tools missing. He’s later accused of a crime.
  16. Write about a lonely painter who finds solace in his living paintings.
  17. Write about a colonist who is struggling to keep his town from complete collapse.

Setting-Oriented Prompts

(If you want to work on your descriptions, here are some setting-prompts for you to use.)

  1. Write about a birthday party.
  2. Write about a centuries old house.
  3. Write about a grand palace.
  4. Write about a frost covered house in a frozen tundra.
  5. Write about a small town.
  6. Write about a big city.
  7. Write about a desert.
  8. Write about a busy restaurant.
  9. Write about a lonely highway in the middle of the night.
  10. Write about a secret world.
  11. Write about a far away town.
  12. Write about a child’s imaginary land.
  13. Write about a village nestled deep within the hills.
  14. Write about a baker’s shop.
  15. Write about a horse ranch in the middle of nowhere.
  16. Write about a sleepy town in a foreign country.

That’s all she wrote. I hope you enjoyed this rather long-winded set of prompts. Bonus points when you create a story from one of these prompts, and share it with me on Wattpad.

Tell me, do you struggle to find inspiration? Do you plan on writing a story based on one of these prompts?


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