May Report: Blog Traffic, Word Count, and Income

Like to read income reports from bloggers? On Writing Abby, Abby posts the blog's traffic numbers, the word counts of the blog and her books, as well as Writing Abby's income. May Report: Traffic, Word Count, Income // Writing Abby

I searched Google for hours, looking for a post like this. I couldn’t find many.

A Pinch of Yum documented their income journey from the start, but I wanted a post that would tell me traffic reports as well. I wanted something else, too. I love to watch the journey that writers undergo. It’s a long journey, it’s a struggle, it’s a writer’s vulnerability — it’s their dangnabit word count.

I wanted to see writing blog compile their stats into a blog post. I wanted a writing blog to be vulnerable with me. I wanted a writing blog to teach me how to blog, how to write, and how to make money. I wanted a writing blog that would tell me what to expect in all aspects of my creative life.

I wanted to understand the journey a blogger goes through. I wanted a writer to share their struggles with me. I wanted to get a glimpse into what they were doing, their “plan of attack”, and the struggles they went through. I wanted that guidance not just from a fellow blogger, but from a writer.

I couldn’t find one.

So, I decided to create my own.

I want to document the growth (Lord willing) of Writing Abby, as well as the evolution of my ridiculous drivel novels. It’s fun for me, and I hope that it will be inspiring and informative for you guys.

Are we ready? Let’s get down to some statistics.

Blog Traffic:

Writing Abby's blog traffic for the month of May. Want to learn more? Read the post on Writing Abby. May Report: Blog Traffic, Word Count, and Income // Writing Abby
I’m surprised. From everything I read about blogging, especially about how unpopular the writing niche is, I didn’t think Writing Abby would get this many awesome people through its doors. It’s exciting! I’m looking forward to meeting many more awesome folks in June. (Ya’ll know who you are.)

Here are some things that maybe boosted this number.

Top Referrers:

  1. Pinterest: 85
  2. Search Engines: 78
  3. Teenage Blogger Central: 20
  4. Twitter: 17
  5. Facebook: 17

Popular Posts This Month:

How to be a Writer (Part I): how to start writing

(By far, this is the most popular post ever on Writing Abby. It’s still getting traffic to this day, and I’m the happiest little writer that ever wrote a word.)

The Road to Inspiration (Part I): 5 ways to curate ideas
25 Journal Prompts to Nurture Inspiration
15 Things I Love About Being a Writer

(For this post, I was tagged by the awesome Raychel Rose. This post surprised me in several ways. One: I can’t believe I was actually tagged for a post by somebody! That was awesome. Two: a lot of folks are wondering about fifteen awesome things writers love about writing. Which is awesome, too.)

5 Organization Apps for Student Writers
How to be a Writer (Part II): writing on a busy schedule

Things I Did:

  1. Joined Twitter
  2. Joined Facebook
  3. Joined Google+
  4. Joined StumbleUpon
  5. Joined Bloglovin’
  6. Joined Pinterest
  7. Created a Pinterest Business Account
  8. Verified “Writing Abby” on Pinterest
  9. Snatched “Writing Abby” from BlogLovin’s directory
  10. Created Writing Abby Fan Page on Facebook
  11. Secured “Writing Abby” YouTube channel (can you guess what I’m gonna do with that?)
  12. Joined Skillshare (yep, can you guess what’s gonna happen there, too?)
  13. Applied for Teenage Blogger Central
  14. Applied for Blogging for Books
  15. Joined The Peony Project
  16. Created a Buffer account
    …and a bunch of other stuff.

What I plan to do next month:

  1. Apply for the Faithful Bloggers Directory
  2. Apply for the Tyndale Blog Network
  3. Engage Community (comment on other blogs, engage on social media, interact with readership)
  4. Brainstorm New Directions (upcoming ebooks, self-hosting, new ways to engage audience, classes)
  5. Possible Business Registration

Word Count:

I’m currently in the planning stages of my new work-in-progress. But, if you still want a pitiful statistic, here it is:


The most interesting statistic is that of the blog’s. Take a look at this:


Income Report:


Uh, we’re getting there?

I am hoping to monetize the blog later on, in totally non-icky ways. We’re talking ebooks, tutoring/coaching, published novels, stuff like that. I’ll be non-icky, promise.

Well, that’s it, the start of a blog.

I love Writing Abby. I look forward to writing for it each day, and I’m so glad there are people who actually read its contents. Getting to know all of you is a real joy, and I can’t wait to create informative, useful articles for you.

(If you want to write a report for your own blog, I highly encourage you to do so. Please tell me so I can link to your report from this post!)


11 thoughts on “May Report: Blog Traffic, Word Count, and Income

  1. This is a really cool blog post. Watching my own stats grow has certainly been interesting – I hit 5000 views on my own blog over the past two weeks – so seeing how it changes depending on certain things is interesting. I might even try this idea next month. I only just followed your blog, but it’s pretty good so far 🙂

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    • Wow, 5,000 views! You’re doing an amazing job, and I hope that number continues to rise. Personally, I love reading the “Business Report” type of post on blogs, so if you do end up writing one, please let me know. It’s interesting to read, especially since you’re so successful!

      Thank you so much for following the blog, Eve, and reading the report. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I’m hoping the blog will remain useful to you. 🙂


  2. So. This is a really interesting type of post. I’ve occasionally been tempted to do types of things like this, but feel kind of awkward talking about my own stats. (Not sure why. Maybe I feel like I’m bragging? :p)
    Buuut, since you asked for them and it’s incredibly interesting, I’ll share some of my stats.
    I’ve been blogging for almost exactly/i> nine months now. I have 11,600 pageviews, 600 comments, and a little over 90 followers. Pinterest has definitely been my greatest traffic source so far, with some friends’ blogs as a close second. — That’s a quick overview. :p
    This is SO interesting. (Yes, I already said that, but I LOVE STATS. I’m a bit obsessed. xD) I can’t wait for future month’s posts!

    And, just a suggestion, I think it would be interesting to post how many pageviews you get each month. It’s a cool way to see how people progress each month. 😀

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I can understand about the bragging thing, it did feel like that while I was writing the post. But, when I started writing about the word count and, uh, “income”, the feeling disappeared. Believe me. 🙂

      My goodness, you’re doing an amazing job! Congratulations on sticking with your blog for nine months! Now, that’s dedication, and it’s incredible in and of itself.

      Pinterest is a HUGE driver of traffic, I’ve found. It’s, I think, the best platform for bloggers. May I ask how your friends’ blogs act as traffic drivers? That’s such an intriguing statistic, and I’m very interested in learning how you do it!

      I love stats, too! And thanks for your suggestion, I’m definitely going to see how I can access the pageview stats of the blog.

      Thank you for such an awesome comment, I appreciate it. I hope you write a “Report” style post, too! 🙂

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      • *headdesks* Oh goodness. I accidentally placed most of my comment in italics. *sigh* Ignore that. xD

        Honestly… I’m not completely sure. :p I know quite a few of them have blogs they follow on the sidebar, so some clicks might be coming from there. Occasionally they mention posts that I’ve done, but I think the biggest thing is that I comment ALLL the time. I’m a huge commenter (? I don’t think that’s a word, or I’m completely messing up the spelling. xD) on other people’s blogs, and I think that gains a lot of traffic back to me.
        Thanks for replying! 😀
        And maybe I will someday. 🙂

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      • The italics beautified the comment! 🙂

        Thank you so much for responding to my question! That’s interesting. Maybe I ought to start offering sponsorships. I definitely need to start commenting on other blogs, though. I’m so lazy about it. 🙂

        I, for one, would certainly read it if you did.


      • Haha. xD We’ll just say that it did. :p
        *nods* It’s a lot of work (in a way) commenting on blogs, but that’s how I’ve met so many people. (Like the conversation here. Hello, new friend! xD)
        Thank you. 🙂

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      • Heh. I’ve been working towards it. You’re already awesome, so kudos for that. 😀
        I wish blogger had a way to notify you when someone replied to your comment. Cause I’m super good at starting conversations on WordPress blogs, but I always forget to go and reply on the blogger ones because I’m not notified. *sigh*
        *waves* Hello. xD *hands you pizza*

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      • I think Blogger can send you emails when you subscribe to get notification of new comments. I’m not sure, sorry!

        Like I said before, I’m super lazy when it comes to commenting, even when I get the notifications! It’s just, “Ooh, look, a new comment! That’s so cool, I’m totally going to respond to that. Squirrel!”

        Haha, and thanks for the pizza! 😀

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