Five Things Friday: Writing Blogs

Need some new writing blogs to subscribe to? Looking for some great information on writing? Check out this post on Writing Abby for some interesting blogs on writing. Five Things Friday: Five Fav Writing Blogs // Writing AbbyThis Friday, I’d like to write about my five favorite writing blogs. Whenever I read a post on one of these sites, I know that I’m in for an informative treat. That’s what makes them my favorites.

In all honesty, the candid nature of these blogs are what drew me to them. They don’t pull any punches. You’re in, you’re out, and you’ve learned something new to boot.

So, here they are. I hope you check these guys out. They’re pretty neat.

Helping Writers Become Authors

I’ve probably mentioned K.M Weiland and her website before. I know I’ve linked to her articles on pretty much every Sunday Snapshot, ever. It’s an absolute treasure trove of writing advice and information. I recommend her articles on novel structuring and outlining, they’re interesting and always informative.

Go Teen Writers

This blog is pretty much the title magnified. The awesome ladies who run it really believe in teen writers. It shows through each article on the blog. They cover topics ranging from creating characters to finding your writing voice.

Fiction University

I could spend hours scouring through the archives of this site. There are so many writing articles on this blog that I can assure you that each time you visit, you’ll click away having learned something new.


Inklined is another blog written for teen writers. Run by Sarah Falkner, a familiar face over at Go Teen Writers, Inklined is an informative blog that features a wide variety of writing topics. I always end up learning something when I check out the posts there. Sarah also has some pretty awesome guest authors on the blog. I found a few enjoyable blogs by stalking skimming Inklined’s site. Also, I, uh, guest blogged on Inklined Writers, too. About Time Management as a teen writer. (And we all know that I’m just brimming with awesome-sauce, am I right?)

Tessa Emily Hall

This is such a cool blog for teen writers. I love reading the posts on this site. They’re always so warm and friendly, like you’re listening to a friend speak. Those are the kinds of blogs I admire. Tessa Emily Hall writes about a great many things, but her posts on writing really stand out for me. She supports teen writers, which (of course) is something I like.

I hope you guys check out the blogs above, and tell me in the comments what you like (or don’t like) about them. I don’t bite…much.

What are some of your favorite writing blogs?



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