Guest Post: Time Management as a Teen Writer

TimeManagementforTeenWriters You’re confused, I know. You’re probably thinking, “Abby’s posting on Thursday? What’s up with that?” Well, today, I’ve got the awesome privilege of posting over at Inklined Writers, which is run by the more awesome Sarah Faulkner.

Today, I wrote about time management as a teen writer. Here’s a snippet:

Attending high school is hard. Writing as a serious hobby is even harder. When you combine the two of them, it becomes downright ridiculous. Are you studying Calculus and attempting to write the next Tolkien epic? You’re in the right place.

As teen writers, we have several aspects to our lives: our education, our families, and our writing. There are four main problems we face when we try to manage the three at once.

  1. We lose track of time.
  2. We suffer from burn-out.
  3. We procrastinate.
  4. We don’t get our work done.

Those are some big problems, so we need some big solutions. If we want to get stuff done, we need to manage our time. “Time management” is a complicated term, but in this post, we’ll break it down into a series of five steps…

Liked what you read? Catch the full post.

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