Sunday Snapshot: May 24th, 2015

Sunday SnapshotI’m happy to welcome the third week of this blog’s existence. So, with the new week, here’s a new Sunday Snapshot.

Articles of the Week

Lamy Safari vs. Esterbrook J

I wanted to look at the similarities between the Esterbrook J and the Lamy Safari, so, I happened upon this article. This is quite an interesting read if you have either a Lamy Safari or Esterbrook J. Or if you’re interested in fountain pens.

Why Your First Draft Should Absolutely Suck

This article gives five reasons why first drafts have permission to, well, be horrid. It’s definitely something that I, and most of us (kudos to those who don’t!) need to be reminded of once in a while.

Map-Making 201: Naming Things

(There’s a 101 post in this series, but I read the 201 first.)

For me, this article was informative, and helpful, considering that I’m a total dunce when it comes to creating names for both places and people for my fantasy novels. (If anyone has a tip to share, tell me please.) Jill Williamson’s books are wonderful, so reading articles from her are a real treat.

Posts of the Week

25 Journal Prompts to Nurture INSPIRATION

On Monday, I wrote twenty-five writing prompts to help you (and me) on your journaling journey. So, if you’re having trouble finding topics to write about, check out this post.

15 Things I love about being a Writer | Original Tag by Raychel Rose

Last Tuesday, I was tagged by the awesome Raychel Rose. I wrote about fifteen things I love about writing.

Five Things Friday: My Five Fav (Movie) Musicals

On Friday, I told you guys my five favorite movie musicals.

Pins of the Week

As always, here’s a gorgeous picture of a setting.

Here’s a writing prompt for you. I thought I’d switch it up a bit.

writing prompt

And, here’s a pin of a fountain pen. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Mont Blanc Pen.

What were your favorite articles and pins of the week?