Sunday Snapshot: May 10th, 2015

Sunday SnapshotWelcome to Snapshot Sunday! This is a new series, reviewing the week in a “snapshot”, as it were. At any rate, I hope you’ll enjoy this new series as much as I love putting it together. (Which is a lot.) I got the idea from checking out the Sweetly Petite blog, run by the really sweet Miss Allison, and reading this post.

Articles of the Week

The Easiest Afghan Ever!

A post by “the pink sprinkle”. I stumbled upon this article after searching for easy crochet afghan patterns to work on. This is the easiest afghan ever! Anyone who knows how to crochet should check this out.

–My Writing Process, Pt. 1 of 2–

An article by the ever-amazing K.M Weiland, detailing how she uses the writing program Scrivener to plan her novels (featuring her upcoming release, Wayfarer). Take a look if you’re interested in Scrivener!

–How I Came Up With the Idea For Unperfected–

On her blog, Deams and Dandelions, Miss Miranda Kulig explains how she came up with the idea for her first novel. I like to read these kinds of posts. I find it interesting to learn how other writers came up with their stories, and this post is an excellent little tale.

Posts of the Week

–About Me–

A short post giving a little snippet into why this blog was created and who I am.

–How to be a Writer (Part One)–

Part one of the How to be a Writer series. It includes a few tips on how to start writing.

–Five Things Friday: Staged Musicals–

Here’s a post where I dish on my five favorite stage musicals.

Pins of the Week

I found Frida! If you stick around this blog for long enough, you’ll hear me talk about my latest work-in-progress. It’s not going well. But I am persistent!

This is the prettiest casual dress, ever. Where can I buy it?

This style of dresses are seriously the cutest things ever :) and I must get me one

And, of course, here’s a picture of a fountain pen. Enjoy.

Delta Pen - Romeo and Juliet ... ultimate luxury writing instrument]

And that concludes my first Sunday Snapshot post!

Did you check out any of the articles I listed above? What were your favorite articles and pins this week?

Stay tuned for Monday’s post, a review of Pilot’s Iroshizuku Asa-gao.



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